Proper Handling of Your Home Portable Electric Generator

Nowadays, portable electric generators are in demand due to the increased level of severe weather and its impact on the region’s electrical grid. The list is long of reasons people opting to install a generator including comfort, convenience, and safety. While portable generators have many benefits, you should keep in mind the dangers associated with the use of home portable electric generators.

In order to help you recognize the dangers related to improper use of your generator, here is a list of a few issues that can cause trouble and inconvenience.


Safe use of portable generators requires some planning. Most often generators are operated in the night time, when darkness limits visibility. Keeping them ready to use and guesstimating when, where and how to use them is not possible in most situations. Blackouts often occur at night. Many times when it is dark, cold, and when conditions limit your ability to get help. Keeping your generator at locations inconvenient to reach or at some place where the elements: rain, snow, sleet can effect the integrity of the generator is a direct call for trouble. Always keep generators stored in a place away from dampness or water. Otherwise, unexpected shocks, or worse can occur when you operate your generator.

Production of Carbon Monoxide –

A colorless and odorless gas, Carbon Monoxide is produced as the generator starts to produce electricity. It is extremely dangerous to inhale carbon monoxide gas as it can lead to a quick death. Many people prefer to keep the generators stored in a place without ventilation. It is recommended that you don’t do this. Proper ventilation is required to avoid the concentration of carbon monoxide inside your house. Even if the unit is not running, its storage unit should be ventilated. When in use, operate the generator outdoors, away from the house if possible.

Gasoline explosions:

There are a few unavoidable things you will encounter while using a portable electrical generator, like the use of gasoline. You should keep flammable materials away from the gas tank, never try to over fill it and always switch the engine off while refilling the tank. Gasoline explosions can devastate your house, and cause potential harm to you and your loved ones.


When you are using the generator to operate your electrical devices, make sure that you are not over drawing the charge. Always try to connect the appliances which you can’t live without and which consume less of a charge. Try to use appliances rated as energy conservative. Replace the power cords periodically and switch off the devices connected to the generator when not in use.

Portable electric generators have created a sense of comfort and ease, reduced the inconvenience and mitigated the fear of being without power. Keeping safety in mind and following some simple rules and common sense will keep your power on and your family safe.