Top Alternative Streaming Services To Try

The latest smart televisions and streaming devices give us access to an almost limitless supply of movies old & new, they allow us to watch countless hours of our favorite TV series all at the click of a button.

Over the past few years online streaming services have soared in popularity and we have seen plenty of alternative services appearing as time goes by.

If you are looking for some unique streaming services to try through your cable TV, we have put together three streaming apps you have probably never heard of…

Top 3 alternative streaming services to try in 2015:

  1. Vudu

If you like watching the latest movies & TV releases Vudu is a solid choice to rent or buy streamable video.  Its added benefits include being able to use Disney movies anywhere as well as you’re the ability to stream content from your whole Ultraviolet library.

Unfamiliar with these services?  They essentially come with a lot of modern DVD or Blu-Ray purchases and give customers the opportunity to watch their favorite films or TV series on any device, anywhere.

There’s pretty much no device you can’t watch Vudu on: Roku, Xbox 360, Chromecast, PS3, Blu-Ray™ / TV & Vudu’s own VUDU Spark. (At the moment VUDU is offering the Spark device for  $24.96 at Walmart with $25 VUDU credit free, which essentially makes it free!)

  1. Acorn TV

If you can’t get enough of British dramas, documentaries and comedies then Acorn TV could be for you.   Acorn makes watching your favorite British TV shows easy, stream popular shows like: Downton Abbey, Doctor Who & QI, or find new favorites like Vera, Poirot or Miranda.

Access every past series for just $4.99 per month with your first month free.   TV series on Acorn can be watched through your Roku device, Samsung Smart TV or through the App Store. Vudu.

  1. M-Go

A worthy alternative to Amazon or Itunes, M-Go offers the very latest movies and TV shows long before a lot of other streaming apps.  What’s more they even supply movies in Ultra High Def 4K.

There’s no subscription so you need to pay per rental but what makes M-Go different from some others is their weekly offers where you’ll find an occasional great movie for just $0.99 even if it’s new!

Unlike some other services MGo also has a generous reward system where you can earn regular points & discounts for your rentals & purchases.

Watch M-Go movies on your: LG Smart TV, Samsung Smart TV, Roku Device, Google TV, VIZIO Smart TV or UHD 4K TV


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