How to fix your Apple TV when something goes wrong

Noticed a problem with your Apple TV? Not responding as it should?  Try these simple steps to troubleshoot and fix the problem in no time at all.  No expert knowledge required!


Step 1: Perform a restart

Under settings open up the general menu tab and navigate to the bottom of the list.  Hit “restart” and this should fix most problems.

Step 2: Is your software updated?

If your still experiencing a problem after restarting try a software update.  Go back to the general menu under “settings” and select “software updates”, hit update software and check whether the problem is fixed.

Step 3: Log out of iTunes

If neither of the first two worked try logging out of iTunes.  Go to the itunes store under settings and log out then back in again.  Check whether the problem has been fixed.

Step 4: Factor reset your Apple TV

If the problem still isn’t fixed you may need to factory reset your device.  Go back to the general menu under “settings” and at the bottom choose “reset”, note this should be just above “restart”.  Check the problem has been fixed.

Still not working?

Plug your Apple TV into a PC which has iTunes installed.  Load iTunes and once your Apple TV has connected select a Factory Reset of your device.  This should fix almost everything else…


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