Why Should I Upgrade My Electric Panel?

Electric panel, Electric Contractor, upgradeAt A+ Electrical Contractors, we are often asked if an electrical panel upgrade is necessary. This is an important question since upgrades can cost a homeowner $1000.00 or more. Before you invest in that kind of upgrade, it is important to decide if it’s even necessary.

There is a lot of profit in electrical panel upgrades, so some electrical contractors may try to convince you on the need for one even if it’s not necessary. So here is what you need to think about if you think you might need an upgrade.

Reasons you may need to upgrade your electrical panel…

  • Your panel has fuses instead of circuit breakers
  • Your panel is less than 100 amps
  • You have recently completed a home addition
  • Your main breaker keeps tripping
  • The inside of your panel has a strong burnt odor or has visible heat damage
  • You have added large home appliances to your older home such as an electric oven, spa, air conditioning, etc…

There are two primary reasons for an electrical panel upgrade. The first reason, and most important, is safety. The second is capacity. Let’s look at each:

Electrical Panel Upgrade for Safety Reasons

If your electrical panel isn’t working properly, then an upgrade may be in order. Typical signs that your panel may no longer be safe include:

  • Flickering lights
  • Crackling noises
  • Multiple blown fuses
  • Constantly tripping breakers
  • Faulty power issues

Electrical Panel Upgrade to Increase Capability

Even though your existing electrical panel may have been safe when it was first installed, it is possible that it is now too small to handle all of your electrical needs. As technology improves, a greater number of electrical devices are found in homes. For example, many families have multiple TV’s in their house, when not long ago one or two was the norm. Computers are ubiquitous in households these days. Many homes have more than one. Air conditioners are prevalent in many homes today. Many older homes don’t have the capacity to handle the power that is needed to operate these appliances.

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